The Metaverse Worlds

Get to know the different worlds

The metaverse is made up of different worlds. These worlds can be simplified to illustrate how different websites are viewed.

Each website / metaverse world has its own goal, but by and large they form the World Wide Web, which offers information, products, services, services of all kinds.

It’s exactly the same in the metaverse, every world has a different focus and subtleties that metaverse users can use.

Metaverse - globe

Different metaverse worlds

Metaverse categories

Metaverse worlds, which focus on the application areas around the world of work, offer companies and their employees the opportunity to collaborate digitally, hold meetings or participate in business events.

Experience & Discover

In the metaverse worlds with a focus on "Experience & Discover", you can usually move through the digital world in the form of an avatar. It is possible to visit attractions and events and to meet and talk to other users.


In the metaverse worlds with a focus on "creating", you can purchase digital goods such as real estate or works of art or create them yourself. So you can create your very own digital world


In the metaverse worlds with a focus on "gaming", you can play games alone or with other users and experience them from a new perspective (usually VR or AR).

Create games

In the Metaverse worlds with the focus "Create games" you can create games yourself. The games can then be played by you or by other users for free or for a fee.

The metaverse worlds are converging

The future of the metaverse lies in the fact that the individual worlds will merge with each other. The goal is that in the future you will only have to create one account / avatar and be able to switch between worlds with it.

In this way, it should also be possible to take objects purchased from one metaverse world (e.g. digital Nike shoes) into another world and wear them there as well.

Just as the Internet gradually became the great “World Wide Web”, in which every user can move freely between the individual websites via his browser, so it will be in the Metaverse in the future.

Difference from the Internet

The difference between the metaverse and the internet lies in the way users can experience and use the content.

The Internet

In the classic Internet (Web 1.0), users were still looking for information or creating content themselves (Web 2.0) via various platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia….
Often, the metaverse is associated with Web 3.0. likened. But the concept of Web 3.0 can only tie in with the metaverse to a limited extent. Web 3.0 aims to break up centralized services on the Internet to solve dependencies on Google, Facebook and other tech giants. One basis for this is blockchain technology.

The Metaverse

Blockchain technology is also often used in the metaverse.
However, the primary goal is to provide the user with a new, more immersive digital experience . In the metaverse, the user himself becomes the content and is an actor and observer at the same time.

Currently, many metaverse worlds can still be accessed via the normal web bowser. In the future, however, users will only be able to immerse themselves in a more immersive metaverse experience using VR (virtual reality ) and AR (augmented reality) technology .

New possibilities

On the one hand, these technologies open up new possibilities for exchange, meeting with other users and working together. On the other hand, the connected metaverse worlds are creating a new digital reality with digital ownership and its own economic system.



Create account in Metaverse

The vision of the Metaverse is clear: one day it will be possible to travel with an avatar through all Metaverse worlds. Currently, however, it is still necessary to create a separate account or avatar for each Metaverse world.

To help you with this, we've put together a simple step-by-step guide to the main Metaverse worlds.

Gather Map Screen

Log in to the metaverse

Logging into the Metaverse is still difficult at the moment, as work is still underway to create a common access point for all Metaverse worlds.

This means that you currently have to log into your account individually in each Metaverse world. Since the login process can vary greatly depending on the world, we have compiled login step-by-step guides for important Metaverse worlds.


So you can easily and simply get into the Metaverse...

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