The digital world of Mesh allows you to collaborate with avatars from anywhere in the world. Mesh is therefore particularly suitable for companies, trade fairs or meetings.

You can find out exactly what mesh is and what you can do in this metaverse world on this page.

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What is mesh?

Mesh is a metaverse world developed by Microsoft. This world specialises in enabling you to collaborate digitally with other users from all over the world, to hold trade fairs or events.

What’s special about mesh

Mesh relies on VR technology to represent its metaverse world. Thus, in Mesh, they are not only part of this world on the screen, but also immerse themselves in it much more intensively through VR.

Collaboration takes place via 3D avatars, which are displayed in a common space. You can move around this room, visualize content, or communicate with other avatars.

Mesh is currently still under development and only accessible to limited user groups. In the future, however, everyone will be able to get on board using VR glasses and the mesh app.

With Mesh for Teams, Microsoft is also working to hold Teams meetings in the digital world. Mesh is currently only accessible to a limited extent.

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Metaverse worlds, which focus on the application areas around the world of work, offer companies and their employees the opportunity to collaborate digitally, hold meetings or participate in business events.


Currently, the Microsoft Mesh world is only accessible to a limited extent. Entry into the Mesh app is only possible via a HoloLens 2 with Windows 10 and a version from 2004.

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