Mesh VR goggles

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Mesh is a metaverse platform operated by Microsoft. They can enter the world using VR technology and interact with other users.

You can find out which VR glasses you need for mesh from us.

Why VR glasses in mesh?

VR is an abbreviation and stands for virtual reality. Users can discover the world of mesh in a unique way via a VR headset.

Thanks to VR glasses, users get the feeling that they are really in the virtual world. The VR glasses also record your head movements. These movements are transferred to your avatar, which allows you to look around the virtual world. With a controller, you can control your avatar through the world.

VR goggle construction

VR goggle construction

In einer VR-Brille befinden sich zwei Linsen bzw. “Bildschirme” für die Augen. In den Linsen wird die Metaverse Welt wiedergegeben. Aus beiden Linsen formt sich für den VR-Brillen Träger eine reale Umgebung.

Über VR-Brillen Zubehör (Steuerungen, Kopfhörer…) wird die virtuelle Realität noch greifbarer.

What VR glasses can you use for mesh?

starting from 3.850 €

HoloLens 2

Metaverse Worlds: Mesh, Roblox

HoloLens 2 data

  • Storage: 64 GB
  • 1,280 x 720 pixels per eye
  • Battery life: 2-3 hours (can be charged during use)

Introducing: HoloLens 2

HoloLens 2 Review

Which worlds are still compatible with VR glasses?

Please also check for yourself whether the glasses displayed are compatible with the metaverse world of your choice.