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Bitski is a crypto wallet that supports different cryptocurrencies.

In this article, you will learn how to create a Bitski wallet account and which metaverse worlds support this wallet.

What is Bitski?

Bitski is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store and transfer various cryptocurrencies .

In addition, it is possible to integrate the Bitski Wallet into a metaverse world in order to process purchases and sales directly.

You can get started with Bitski via both the web and the IOS app.


Bitski retains the private keys of all accounts itself, as a different security concept is applied.

Metaverse Worlds

What worlds can you log into with a Bitski wallet?

How to create a Bitski Wallet account

Create a bitski account

1. Create a Bitski wallet

If you want to create a Bitski wallet, open Bitski via the following link:

Next, click on the text: “No wallet? Create one”.

Bitski account password

2. Enter user information

A new input window will then open. In order to create a Bitski wallet, you must now choose a username, enter your e-mail address and a desired password.

Enter your phone number

3. Provide your phone number

Bitski recommends securing your account with
two-factor authentication

To do this, provide your phone number. You will then receive an SMS with a code that you will need to provide to Bitski.

Confirm your Bitski account

4. Confirm your email address

You should now receive a confirmation email from Bitski. Open this email and click on the link in it to verify your email address.

Bitski Wallet

5. Your Bitski Wallet

Now that you have successfully created your Bitski wallet, you can start storing your NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the wallet.

Cryptocurrencies Bitski

What currencies does Bitski support?

Bitski supports a variety of cryptocurrencies such as:

✔ Bitcoin (BTC)
✔ Ethereum (ETH)
✔ Tether (USDT)
✔ Binance Coin (BNB)
✔ Chainlink (LINK)
✔ …